Tired at work? Complain about it!

Are you tired? I definitely am! Tired at work, tired at home, tired in the morning, tired in the evening… Tired on weekdays, tired at the weekend – you know the drill ( = wiesz, jak to leci).


Well, I’m so tired that today’s lesson is minimalistic. I’ll just give you 3 words and 3 idioms to complain about being tired. You can use them to complain to your boss or co-workers. Or your cat – cats are very understanding. Let’s go!



Instead of saying simply “I’m tired,” you can say “I’m exhausted.” This is much stronger, and means “very tired.” ( = wykończony). Be careful about the pronunciation: /ɪɡˈzɔːstɪd/, without “h.” You can say: “Sorry boss, no can do, I’m exhausted.”


The second word is “knackered”. This is informal ( = wyprany). You can say: “Sorry kids, do your own remote learning, I’m knackered.”

Another informal phrase is “dog-tired.” It means the same! You can say: “Sorry cat, go catch your own food, I’m dog-tired.”



I’m snowed under with work” = I have a lot of work ( = jestem zawalona pracą). For example, “Sorry auntie, can’t make it to dinner on Sunday, I’m snowed under with work!”


I’m burning the candle at both ends” = I work so hard, and do other things, that I’m not getting enough sleep ( = zarywam noce). For instance, “My boss is crazy with that new project! I already am burning the candle at both ends!”


I’ve got a lot on my plate” = I have lots of tasks to do ( = mam dużo na głowie). So, “A divorced mum with two school kids in remote education, trying to work from home, sure has a lot on her plate!”


And that’s about me! Well, that’s all folks, since I’m knackered, so have yourself a Merry Christmas, and please let me die in peace ;).

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