Time to celebrate!

Last week Mother’s Day, this week Children’s Day – it’s time to celebrate!


Me and my kids did that last Thursday, and we managed to spend 400 zlotys in two hours. Oops!


We started by going to an escape room. The theme was Greek Gods, and we had lots of fun arranging Dionysus’s wines, finding Artemis’s arrows ( = strzały), and actually getting across the Styx!


A grammar note: all rivers have “the” before them, so it’s “the Vistula” in Poland, “the Thames” in London”, and “the Styx” in Greek mythology.


Then we went to Manekin for crepes ( = naleśniki). Vocab note: “pancakes” are the small American thingies, and “crepes” is what we mostly have in Poland. Mine was with mouldy cheese ( = ser pleśniowy) and cranberries ( = żurawina), and my kids got theirs with chocolate, Oreos, and God knows what else. See my happy daughter in the photo!


And finally we landed at a jelly bean ( = żelki) place, where you could mix and match ( = wybierać samemu). That actually turned out ( = okazała się) to be the most expensive part of our celebration, as we ended up ( = skończyliśmy) spending 130 zlotys on three small jars ( = słoiki). Yikes! ( = Auć!).


But in the end, we all had great fun, and that’s what matters most!


🔴 And you? How are you celebrating the family holidays?


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