Sorry, boss! I’m ill!

Autumn has started. It’s a season of beautiful colours, lovely sunsets, and smooth chestnuts ( = gładkie kasztany). But it’s also a great time to get ill, and miss work ( = nie iść do pracy. Nie, nie “tęsknić za pracą”).

This is actually what’s happened to me recently. I caught sinusitis. What is sinusitis? Well, it’s a disease affecting your sinuses – empty spaces in your skull ( = czaszka). I have no idea what sinuses actually do, but they sure do produce a lot of mucus ( = śluz). Yuck! In Polish, sinuses = zatoki. This is why all the medicines ( = lekarstwa) have the word in their names. Sinulan, Sinupret, Cosinus…


OK, so we know the “sinuses” part of “sinusitis”. But what about the -itis?


Well, whenever you have a word ending with “-itis”, this means an inflammation ( = stan zapalny). So, zapalenie oskrzeli = bronchitis. Zapalenie wyrostka = appendicitis. And by now you can guess that sinusitis = zapalenie zatok.

So, I spent a week suffering from ( = cierpiąc na) sinusitis. It felt as if something had exploded inside my skull. My nose was blocked, and my respiratory system ( = układ oddechowy) refused to cooperate. I didn’t even have a runny nose ( = katar), because whatever was inside my head refused to get out.


Luckily ( = na szczęście), my boyfriend Krzysztof is an expert on sinusitis – he’s had permanent sinusitis for the past 10 years – so he recommended some good meds to me, and soon I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. I started going through hundreds of tissues per hour ( = chusteczki higieniczne), and then I started coughing ( = kaszel). And I’ve been coughing for three weeks now….


But that is not the worst part of sinusitis. The worst is the fatigue ( = zmęczenie). I’ve been dog-tired ( = wykończona) for the past three weeks. During week one, I barely had ( = ledwo miałam) enough strength to get out of bed. So it was breakfast. Back to bed. Toilet. Back to bed. Lunch… am I really that hungry? No. Lunches are overrated anyway. ( = przereklamowane)


It has been better lately ( = ostatnio), but I’m still not my usual self. Everything takes so much effort ( = wymaga takiego wysiłku). During my workouts ( = treningi) with my personal trainer Ania, not only do we make the breaks between the sets ( = serie ćwiczeń) much longer, but we also make breaks in the middle of sets. And after each rep sometimes, too ( = powtórzenie). And we no longer use the dumbbells… ( = hantle) So yeah.  



And what about you? Have you had an autumn infection yet? Do let me know!

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