No, it’s not flowers

🔴 No, it’s not “flowers.” It’s “potted plants.”

In my recent quest for ( = dążenie do) trying new stuff, I came across the idea ( = wpadłam na pomysł) of giving potted plants a try ( = wypróbowanie).

In the past, all potted plants died on me ( = zdychały mi). Even cacti (yep, that’s the plural of cactus). So I was really shocked when the first plant I ordered didn’t die.

In fact, it did something even worse. It started growing new leaves ( = liście). OMG, how cool is that!

So I bought a few more, and I just took a photo, to show off ( = popisać się) before they, in fact, you know… pass away ( = odejdą).

🔴 And you? Do you have any plants? Shoot us some photos!

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