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Angielski w pracy z humorem. Bezpłatna lekcja angielskiego.

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In addition to the basic salary ( = pensja) at your workplace, a lot of you have perks = fringe benefits ( = świadczenia dodatkowe), which make your job more attractive, and make you reluctant ( = niechętny) to quit. These usually include private healthcare ( = opieka zdrowotna), life insurance ( = ubezpieczenie na życie), company phone ( = telefon firmowy), or gym membership ( = członkostwo na siłowni).

This gym membership doesn’t usually boil down to (nie sprowadza się do) an actual ( = konkretna) gym, but rather to a Benefit Systems sports card. Have you got one? I have!

I use mine in a rather monotonous way, to use Zdrofit fitness clubs, and – more specifically – to go to fitness classes ( = zajęcia fitness). Now, a language point. In Polish we say “chodzę na fitness,” so we feel tempted to ( = kusi nas, żeby) say in English: “I go to fitness.” Wrong! Beep! Ouch!

“Fitness” is… well, the state of being fit: healthy, in good shape, able to move around easily. “Fitness” in Polish is “sprawność fizyczna.” Więc nie, nie chodzisz na sprawność fizyczną w środy i piątki po pracy. Wierz mi na słowo, że nie!

What you DO go to are fitness classes! So, you can say: “I go to fitness classes twice a week,” “I don’t go to any fitness classes,” or “Fitness classes are so boring – I prefer to go running or cycling.”

OK, enough of the language detour ( = objazd, zmiana kierunku)! Let me tell you about MY favourite fitness classes, and working out. Ooops, another detour mandatory! ( = konieczny). How to say “ćwiczyć” in English? Most Poles will say “train” in this context, which is a mistake! Why? Because a teacher teaches, and who trains? A trainer! OK, there is a small exception ( = wyjątek), you can train for a marathon, but that’s special use. In general, “ćwiczyć” is “work out.” So, you can say “I work out a lot = dużo ćwiczę,” or “I should work out more = powinnam więcej ćwiczyć.” OK, now I’m really finished. 😉

So, I was quite shocked when I tried to count for you how many times a week I work out. And it turned out ( = okazało się) that… practically every day! On most days I do manage to go to a fitness club, and on others I use youtube to work out at home. I’m hooked ( = uzależniona). So let me tell you about my fitness routine, and I hope to hear about yours in exchange ( = w zamian)!

OK, let’s face the truth ( = stawmy czoła prawdzie). There is no such thing as my fitness routine. I go to a fitness club whenever I have the time – that is, whenever I don’t teach English. So it’s: “Ah, today I have classes till 10 am, and then again from 3 pm till 8 pm, so let’s see if there’s a fitness class somewhere between 11 and 2!” And what I usually get is a nice mix of yoga, pilates, cardio, and some other crazy stuff with crazy names.

Let me tell you about my favourite type of class: latino and zumba. These are simple choreography classes, with lots of dancing, and lots of fun. And I do have a favourite teacher: Piotr Musiałkowski! Now, as a person, Piotr is the very opposite ( = całkowite przeciwieństwo) of the kind of people I get on well with ( = mam dobry kontakt z). Boisterous ( = hałaśliwy), extraverted, talkative ( = gadatliwy) – that’s my idea of hell! Sorry, Piotrek! But you more than make up for it ( = wynagradzasz) in your classes!

I don’t even know where to start! All of his choreographies are packed with… well, it’s not sexual innuendo ( = podtekst seksualny), because innuendo by definition is implicit ( = ukryte). What you get from Piotrek, and what you do with Piotrek, is by no means implicit. It is explicit ( = jawna), full-on ( = na całego), sensual ( = zmysłowa) energy, in the form of suggestive movements and flirty gestures. Piotrek turns every girl in his classes into a volcano of sensuous ( = zmysłowa) emotion, bursting ( = tryskająca) with life and teeming with vitality ( = tętniąca życiem). Each of us feels like a goddess ( = bogini), a seductress ( = uwodzicielka), a nymph… OK, I might have got carried away ( = poniosło mnie) with all the metaphors, but you get what I mean! Add to that pure joy and his contagious ( = zaraźliwa) positivity, and there you have it – a perfect Zumba teacher! And a perfect teacher of anything, probably! You just have to come and experience that for yourself!

The classes I go to are in Zdrofit, in Dywizjonu 303 – Tuesdays 11:15 (latino) and 12:15 (Zumba). Piotrek also teaches in other places and locations – you can keep up-to-date in his facebook group: He also organizes dance weekends away from Warsaw, and this is something I’d really like to try. Who wants to take care of my kids one weekend? 😉

Oh, and one thing that amazes me, is that Piotrek is also a coach! I haven’t used his coaching services but if he does that with the same kind of dedication ( = oddanie, poświęcenie) and passion, then – as we heard from Janice in “Friends” – Oh my God!

So, what about YOUR fitness classes, which you get as a perk from your employer? I’m dying to find out how you work out! (Well, I’m not THAT desperate, but mildly curious (= lekko zaciekawiona) I really am!)

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