New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work. I’ve checked

In my last free lesson, at the beginning of January, I was probably the only person NOT writing about New Year’s Resolutions ( = postanowienia noworoczne).

A short language point: please note that it’s AT the beginning of January, not “on.”

So, I didn’t write about New Year’s Resolutions because I do not believe in them. Or I didn’t believe in them. Maybe because I’ve never really tried them…


Resolutions themselves ( = same w sobie) suck ( = są do kitu). Promises like “I will lose weight” ( = schudnę) or “I will stay in shape” ( = będę trzymać formę) are simply too vague /veɪɡ/ ( = nieprecyzyjne) to be successful. 

On the other extreme, goals ( = cele) – especially in their SMART version – seem too much of a hassle ( = zawracanie głowy). Just thinking about all the SMART parameters wears me down ( = męczy mnie).


This year, I’ve decided to give two things in the middle a try ( = wypróbować).

The first one is dreams ( = marzenia). For the first time in my life, I decided to make a dream board, also known as a vision board ( = mapa marzeń). This is a collage /ˈkɒlɑːʒ/ of images which symbolise your dreams. The traditional version is made up of magazine cutouts ( = wycinki z czasopism), but I’m a digital girl ( = cyfrowa). So I made mine in graphics software, and had it printed as a poster ( = plakat).

So, the poster hanging on my wall is divided into ( = podzielony na) 8 areas, each of them connected with one area of my life. For example, home, hobby, or relationships. And in each area I have a photo showing what I want. So the home square ( = kwadrat) has my dream house – a minimalist detached /dɪˈtætʃt/ house ( = dom jednorodzinny) with a stream ( = strumień) in the garden. The ‘hobbies’ category has of course a couple dancing bachata, although recently I’ve discovered zouk, which might be even more tempting ( = kuszący) than bachata. And the relationships category hosts ( = ma w sobie) a steamy hunk ( = gorące ciacho). Although, to be honest, I couldn’t make up my mind and put there two guys instead of one… Maybe I just need two boyfriends 😉

So, that’s my vision board! It is really heartwarming ( = cieszące serce) to look at it! I consider it a total success!

But the second thing was a failure. It’s a habit tracker ( = śledzenie nawyków). I decided to give some structure to all the little things I do every day, so that I have a sense of accomplishment ( = poczucie osiągnięcia) – and not of wasted time ( = zmarnowany czas). So I made a table ( = tabelka) with days of the week, and put there: use anti-wrinkle cream ( = krem przeciwzmarszczkowy), use body lotion ( = balsam do ciała), use conditioner ( = odżywka), and so on. 

For the first week, it worked! I was so proud when I ticked ( = ptaszkowałam) that I did the vacuuming ( = odkurzanie), the laundry ( = pranie), or the dishwashing on the given day. But then… I ran out of space ( = skończyło mi się miejsce) in the table! And printing a new table was NOT on the habits list for the week… So, I did not print a new habit tracker… and the idea kind of died… I mean, I am still doing all the stuff from the list, but not ticking anything, so it kind of sucks… 


So, I kind of lied in the title. Sorry! I have NOT tried resolutions. But I HAVE tried visualising my dreams – and that’s a joyful thing to do. And I’ve tried to track my habits, but forgot about the habit of printing a new tracker each week – so that idea kind of failed…

And what about you? How are your resolutions, dreams, habits, or goals – whatever you’ve made? I’ll be happy to find out! 🙂

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