Life begins at 40! Free English lesson + heavy personal stuff!

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OMG ( = oh my God), it’s been a rollercoaster of a year ( = crazy things happening, with ups and downs). I’ve turned my life upside down ( = do góry nogami) and inside out ( = na lewą stronę). It’s my fortieth birthday in a few days – December 31st – but I feel like it’s my first! How did that happen? I’ve met some amazing people along the way, and I’d like to express my gratitude ( = wdzięczność) to them here!


The person who helped me change my soul and my mind is my coach, Justyna Kwiatkowska, from Zadbana Finansowo – In March, I set off on a journey ( = wyruszyłam w podróż) of self-discovery with her. I hoped to learn how to make more money. Instead, I found out what I really want from life, I discovered my self-worth, and decided to stop living for others and start living for myself. I finally gathered the strength ( = zebrałam siłę) to terminate ( = zakończyć) the toxic relationships in my life. Justyna showed me that I have the right to set my boundaries ( = wyznaczać granice) and refuse to let people abuse me ( = wykorzystywać). And I know it sounds funny, but as a result I stopped talking to my mother and divorced my husband ;). Having lived 30 years for my mother, and 10 years for my husband, I am now ready to finally live for myself. Thank you, Justyna!


There was also a girl who took care of my body, and that was a dietician ( = dietetyk), Milena Suchowiecka from Magia Diety A year ago, I weighed ( = ważyłam) 101 kilos, and was diagnosed with insulin resistance ( = insulinooporność) and hepatatis ( = zapalenie wątroby). That was a wake-up call ( = pobudka). I realized that I really needed to take care of myself before it’s too late. Before, I had already spent lots of time trying to find a dietician, but none of them wanted to cooperate ;). I had two vital ( = bardzo ważne) criteria. One: I hate the idea of the huge lunch ( = obiad) and the tiny ( = malutka) afternoon snack ( = przekąska). I never could fit the whole lunch into my stomach, and – conversely ( = odwrotnie) – I was immediately famished ( = bardzo głodna) after the tiny snack. And my second criterion: I’m a big fan of Thermomix and its integrated cookidoo recipes. I just can’t resist ( = nie mogę się oprzeć) the simplicity of selecting “tomato soup”, tossing in the ingredients ( = wrzucenie składników), and coming back in 20 minutes to find my soup ready. So my second criterion was to have lunches from this recipe collection.

And, as you can probably imagine, nobody wanted to indulge me ( = zaspokoić)! Until I met Milena! Equal-size meals? No problem! Recipes from cookidoo? No problem! And now, almost a year later and 35 kilos lighter, I can say with full gratitude: thank you, Milena, for giving me a new body, and my health back! 🙂


The icing on the cake ( = wisienka na torcie) was the hair stylist Kuba from New Master salon, located just across the street from my place! All of my life, I had wanted to have straight hair. Mine seemed frizzy ( = sianowate) and unruly ( = niemożliwe do ułożenia), so whenever I could, splashed out on a hairdresser ( = wydawałam fortunę) and had my hair straightened ( = prostowałam sobie włosy). Yes, I do have a hair iron ( = prostownica), but I’ve never been able to figure out ( = rozkminić) how to use it.

Until I visited the hairdressing salon literally ( = dosłownie) across the street from my place, and met Kuba. Kuba is two meters tall and weighs about 50 kilos. He looks 16, but proudly claims to be 24. Anyway, Kuba was the first hair dresser I’ve ever met who advised me to work WITH my hair, instead of working against it! He recommended a few simple changes, such as changing the shampoo, using a conditioner ( = odżywka), a diffuser and hair oil – and it worked miracles! My frizzy hair suddenly turned into beautiful curly hair, cascading downwards in delicate spirals! I couldn’t believe my eyes! That’s my natural hair, and now I know how to show its real beauty! Thank you, Kuba!

I attach a photo so that you can see the new me! My 40th birthday is in a few days – and I feel this is the first birthday that is really and truly mine. I do feel like celebrating, for the first time in my life!

And if you’re reading this – big thanks also to you! I couldn’t have done it without the support of my students and friends – and I know you are one of them! Thanks for being with me! :* :* :*

PS: If you, too, are ready to take care of your body, my dietician now has a special offer – a strategy which lets you eat healthily, made up of tried-and-tested ( = wypróbowane) recipes. Check it out here:

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