Is your chair ready for home office?

The pandemic is in full bloom ( = kwitnie). A full lockdown seems imminent ( = nieunikniony). More and more companies are switching to remote working ( = praca zdalna). Is your chair ready for that?

I’m no expert, but I’ve done for you some research into home office ergonomics ( = zbadałam). And basically, it turns out ( = okazuje się) that there are three things you have to take care of – to make sure your chair is ready to be a home office chair!


Yes, today’s lesson is about chairs! Yes, the piece of furniture ( = mebel). No, there is no innuendo ( = podteksty).



My chair is a regular dining chair ( = krzesło do jadalni) from IKEA. Be careful of the pronunciation of IKEA – it’s /aɪˈkiːə/, different from Polish! I chose this chair because I find regular ( = zwykłe; nie, nie regularne) office chairs uncomfortable. No matter how I place the headrest ( = zagłówek), it always seems to push my head uncomfortably forward. So, I prefer to rely on my neck to support my head ;).

But when you choose your office chair, the first thing you have to take care of are your feet. They have to rest flatly on the ground. It’s amazing how many people have their feet dangling ( = zwisają) off their office chair, without reaching the floor! In the office, there’s an easy solution to that problem: a few reams of paper ( = ryzy papieru). Just place them under your feet, and you’re all set! ( = załatwione, wszystko ok)


At home, not everyone has reams of paper handy ( = pod ręką). Well, I do, as I print hundreds of invoices ( = faktury) for my accountant every month… But another solution you could try is a plastic basin ( = miedniczka). Or steal the litter tray ( = kuweta) from your cat. I’m sure he’ll forgive you… Just remember to empty it and put it upside down before use… ( = do góry nogami)



The second thing to look out for ( = uważać na) are your knees. Your legs should be bent at a right angle ( = pod kątem prostym). So, your calves ( = łydki) should be perpendicular to ( = prostopadłe do) your thighs ( = uda). To get that, you might want to play around with adjusting the height of your chair. Or, if the worst comes to the worst ( = w ostateczności), you can pretend to be Cinderella ( = Kopciuszek) and cut off your feet… Sorry, bad joke, my brain is deteriorating in this crazy pandemic…

And the last thing to check is the position of your spine ( = kręgosłup). Now, the jury is still out on that one ( = opinie są podzielone). The prevalent view ( = dominujący) is that your back should be at a right angle to your thighs. So that would be right angles everywhere. But some ergonomics experts say that it’s actually nice to lean back ( = odchylić się do tyłu). This way, you let your back relax. Personally, I like to do the opposite. I like to lean forward ( = pochylić się do przodu). I tend to have lower back problems, and that position seems to bring some relief ( = ulga). So it just feels good, but I have no idea if it is actually good…



So, that’s it! Three things to look out for in your chair! Is YOUR chair ready for home office? And are YOU ready for that? Let me know! 😉

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