I had a fever for 2 months and I didn’t even know that! Free English lesson – health problems

Hi there!

Today I’m experimenting with a new format of my free weekly English lessons: text + video. The video is only more or less in line with the text – I’m not really reading a script. I’m really curious if you’ll like this format – please let me know!

Anyway, today’s lesson is about health problems – because of my recent experiences in this area ;). For the past two months, I’ve been feeling a burning ( = piekące) sensation ( = odczucie, wrażenie) in my neck. I delayed taking action for a long time, thinking it’s probably nothing – I’m a bit of a hypochondriac and I tend to overreact to my health problems, later only to be made fun of by the doctor. So I thought it’s either nothing, or trachea cancer ( = rak tchawicy) – see, I told you I’m a hypochondriac 😉 – and I didn’t want to hear either from the doctor!

I tried taking some lozenges ( = tabletki do ssania) for sore throat ( = ból gardła), but they didn’t help. Then my dietician suggested it might be heartburn ( = zgaga), so I took some meds ( = lekarstwa) for that. Alas (= niestety), to no avail ( = bezskutecznie). So I signed up for an appointment with (umówiłam się na wizytę u) the GP ( = General Practitioner, lekarz ogólny), dutifully ( = posłusznie) waited for the obligatory ( = obowiązkowy) month – yup, you DO wait for a month for a GP appointment at my clinic, that’s Powstańców Śląskich 19 – and then braced myself ( = uzbroiłam się w odwagę) and went!

Well, the doctor started by taking my temperature (= zmierzenie temperatury), and it turned out ( = okazało się) that I had a fever ( = gorączka) of 38 degrees! I said, “Impossible, I haven’t felt different for the past two months,” and the doctor replied, “Well, you might have had the fever for the past two months!” I almost laughed in his face, but thought better of it ( = zmieniłam zdanie), as I didn’t feel like waiting (= nie miałam ochoty czekać) another month for another appointment…

So, anyway, I got some antibiotics, some anti-inflammatory ( = przeciwzapalne) drugs, something for gargling ( = płukanie gardła), and probiotics to counteract the antibiotics… it doesn’t make much sense really, taking the two together… ;). That was last Thursday, and I’ve been taking the meds zealously ( = gorliwie), and… I still feel the same! Or even worse! My throat still burns, but now I also feel weak and cold. Today I spent two hours in bed, instead of going to my fitness classes!

So, these are my recent health adventures, which inspired this lesson for you guys! But my idea is that – like I had no idea I had a fever for 2 months – maybe you also have no idea that your English needs help? Maybe your English is dying, and badly in need of the kiss of life? ( = sztuczne oddychanie usta-usta).

Well, if you’d like your English to get a kiss from me, then do come to my free challenge next week! Between Monday and Wednesday, December 2nd and 4th, I’m hosting a free English challenge: learn English for work – from a sitcom! It’s for levels intermediate and above. There will be lots of vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and humour – all in the context of using English at work. You can sign up here:


I hope to see you there – if I don’t die before! 😉

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