Good idea or bad idea?

Hi there! I’ve been thinking of a new type of English course, and the idea is either brilliant or dreadful. Will you help me out? ( = pomożesz?)

Before we dive in ( = zanurkujemy), I gave a grammar treat ( = smakołyk) for you. Above, I wrote that the idea is either brilliant or dreadful. In Polish, when we say “albo – albo,” we repeat the same word twice. In English it’s two different words: “either – or.” So, all of my ideas are either brilliant or awful. There is nothing in between.

Before I divulge ( = wyjawić) the idea to you, let me share what inspired me towards it ( = w kierunku). It was my own miserable existence ( = żałosny żywot). OK, maybe not so utterly miserable ( = skrajnie), but I do have a fundamental problem whenever ( = zawsze gdy) I want to sign up for some classes ( = zapisać się na zajęcia).

Whether it’s fitness classes, dance classes, or therapy workshops ( = warsztaty psychoterapeutyczne), they always collide with my own classes. That is, the time when I teach. Aka ( = also known as = również znane jako) work. Somehow everyone assumes that people want to have classes either early in the morning, e.g. 7 am, or in the late afternoon and evening, between 5 pm and 9 pm. So, in other words, “before and after work.”

But guess what?! For me, “before work” is 5 am and 2 pm, and “after work” is 11 am or 10 pm. I have most of my students in the morning or in the afternoon, so I can’t join any classes myself!

And then I thought: there are bound to be ( = na pewno są) other people like me! People who are free in the middle of the day, and want to do something fun then.

So this is when my brilliant (or maybe not-so-brilliant) idea came to me. What if I offered English lessons in the middle of the day?

Bear with me for a minute ( = wytrzymaj ze mną). The idea is that these would be group classes online, aimed at ( = ukierunkowane na) listening, vocabulary and speaking. We watch short videos on current topics, either the news or lifestyle tutorials. I don’t know which one you’d like more. As we watch, we figure out ( = rozkminiamy) the difficult words. And then we talk about the topic in pairs, with me listening, under my supervision ( = pod moim nadzorem), and with my feedback about your English. If you want to remember the words for good ( = na dobre), I make for you a set of flashcards ( = zestaw fiszek) on a mobile app.

As a result, you leave the class well-equipped with words and viewpoints about current topics, which is crucial ( = bardzo ważne) if you work in an international company. You can talk about them with your colleagues during the coffee break, and you understand what the media are currently saying. You feel like a native speaker!

And all of that during lunch time, so around 11, 12, or 1 o’clock. Or maybe not during lunch time? Maybe an afternoon time would be better after all ( = jednak)? Or maybe have two groups?


You see, this is where YOU come in. I am in two minds ( = jestem rozdarta) about this idea, and I will really appreciate ( = docenię) your honest opinion. So feel free to write me: you’re crazy! I will be so grateful ( = wdzięczna).

It will be great if you reply to this email with your ideas. Or, if you think it might work, sign up for ( = zapisz się na) the “moderately interested” group ( = umiarkowanie). Here’s the link:

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