After work. Fall in love!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is a proverb ( = przysłowie), and it means that if you only work all the time, and have no fun, you become boring. Dull means boring.

Ta lekcja jest dostępna także jako podcast i filmik. Hura!


As you know, I love testing out ( = testowanie) all kinds of fun endeavours ( = przedsięwzięcia). And I am always eager to ( = chętna do) share my experiences with you. So today, you’ll become familiar with ( = zaznajomisz się z) the details of my little experiment called “falling in love” ( = zakochiwanie się).


OK, but first things first. After all, this is an English lesson! Please get the phrase “fall in love” right. The verb is “fall”, and it’s an irregular verb. The three forms are “fall fell fallen”. So, you can say:


  • I fall in love every day.
  • I fell in love yesterday.
  • I’ve never fallen in love.


Please don’t confuse it with the verb “feel”, and its three forms: “feel felt felt”.


OK, back to business, and MY falling in love!


It all started at the beginning of this year. I came across ( = natknęłam się na) a way of making your dreams come true ( = spełnianie marzeń). This method entails ( = polega na) writing down, in a very detailed way, what exactly you want in life – and it will come to you. For example, you don’t just write “I want a nice guy”, but you write down all the details you can think of.


So I thought: what do I have to lose? And I made a list of everything my Mr Right ( = ten jedyny) should have. He should be handsome – that’s a no-brainer ( = oczywistość). But also smart and funny. And caring ( = troskliwy). Has to be able to dance bachata. Be organised. Reliable ( = rzetelny). Good at fixing stuff. Strong and delicate. Not too talkative ( = gadatliwy). Able to sit in silence. A driver. Independent. Respectful of ( = szanujący) my introverted nature, and sensitive to ( = wrażliwy na) my sensory hypersensitivities ( = nadwrażliwości zmysłowe). Or, in other words, a knight in shining armour ( = rycerz w lśniącej zbroi).

(Oh… in this photo, the knight looks more like Darth Vader, and a bit scary, but whatever…)


And, guess what? I found him! Or rather, he found me. When I wrote on a dating website ( = portal randkowy) “Who wants to dance bachata with me?”, I got a reply within a few minutes ( = w ciągu). The reply was from Krzysztof. He said “I do.”


That was the beginning of February. I guess it was love at first sight ( = miłość od pierwszego wejrzenia). Funnily enough ( = co śmieszne), I think neither of us was infatuated ( = zauroczony). No, the expression you want here is NOT “have butterflies in your stomach”. Butterflies in your stomach are bad! First of all, poor butterflies. Secondly, poor stomach. And thirdly, the idiom means “to be nervous”, and not “to be in love”. So, you can have butterflies in your stomach before a job interview, or before an exam. 


Anyway, we never felt dizzy ( = oszołomieni) with love. We just took for granted ( = przyjęliśmy za oczywiste) that we are meant for each other. We clicked straightaway ( = od razu kliknęło). And it feels so good to be together!


So, I’ve never been happier in my life! I consider ( = uważam) the “falling in love” experiment a total success, and I wholeheartedly ( = całym sercem) recommend it to anyone still hesitating! ( = wahający się) 



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