Before work: the breakfast of champions

What is the key to having a productive day at work?

Here, each productivity guru will surely give you a different answer, promoting their particular (= konkretne) approach ( = podejście).

But I think the answer to the ultimate ( = fundamentalne) question of life, the universe ( = wszechświat), and everything – is a good breakfast. Yup, if you get the joke, you’re a geek, just like me! And for the others: a geek is someone boring, interested only in a very narrow area.


There are a lot of food fads ( = krótkotrwałe mody żywieniowe) and misconceptions ( = błędne mniemania) around healthy eating. It’s easy to get lost in all the misinformation ( = dezinformacja). I chose the easy way and paid a dietician ( = dietetyk) to prepare some meal plans for me, with shopping lists ( = listy zakupów), including my favorite foods. They also accommodate for ( =  są dostosowane do) some of my quirks ( = kaprysy, dziwactwa). For example, I hate smoothies, I don’t eat garlic ( = czosnek), and all of my meals have to be more or less the same size.

But what if you can’t, or don’t want to, get a dietician? Then you’ll have to figure it out ( = rozkminić to) all by yourself ( = całkowicie samodzielnie).


A good breakfast should follow the guidelines ( = wytyczne) for a healthy meal in general. Contemporary ( = współczesna) medicine tells us that we should divide each plate ( = talerz) into a half and two quarters ( = ćwiartki). Half of each portion should be vegetables. Be careful with the pronunciation, it’s /ˈvedʒtəb(ə)lz/, so nothing to do with “tables”! How to remember this pronunciation? Well, even though you put vegetables on tables – these two words don’t rhyme!


So, half of the plate is vegetables. A quarter should be for proteins ( = białka). If you’re a meat-eater, this could be ham or egg white ( = białko jajka). It can also be cheese or cottage cheese ( = twaróg). And for vegans – chickpeas ( = ciecierzyca) or lentils ( = soczewica) are a good idea!

And the last quarter of your plate should belong to complex carbohydrates ( = węglowodany złożone). The easiest breakfast option is some wholemeal bread. Wholemeal ( = pełnoziarnisty), so that it is rich in fibre ( = bogaty w błonnik). Alternatively, you might try a porridge ( = owsianka) or groats ( = kasza).


Last but not least, don’t forget to add some healthy fats ( = tłuszcze), such as butter, olive oil ( = oliwa z oliwek), or sunflower seeds ( = nasiona słonecznika). And there you have it – a nutritious ( = pożywne) breakfast!


My favourite breakfast choice is some bread with butter, cheese, lettuce ( = sałata), tomatoes and sunflower seeds. Yum, yum!


And you? What do you usually have for breakfast before work? Let me know!

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