Before a concert

[free lesson of upper-intermediate vocabulary // bezpłatna lekcja słówek angielskich: upper intermediate]

Tę lekcję możesz pobrać również w formie wygodnego planera tygodniowego do druku!

„You do realize that people nowadays attend (= go to) concerts dressed quite casually, right?” John, sporting a pair of jeans and a brown jacket, asks Susan, who is wearing a beautiful evening gown (= a dress, especially a long one worn on formal occasions).
„I sure do,” smiles Susan, „but it is fun to look so smart. The elderly ladies in the concert hall will be deeply impressed by me, while being full of contempt for you (= dislike and lack of respect)!”
„You know I respect the elderly,” says John, „but not to the point of dressing as if I were old myself – or, at least, older than I am. My elder brother, on the other hand, does an admirable job of that. You’ll think he is 50 when you see him!”
„I’m very glad I will finally get to meet him. In the foyer, you said?” (= the large open area just inside the entrance of a public building where people can wait and meet each other)
„Right. I am sure he will come equipped with a pair of opera glasses – a lorgnette, as he calls it.”
„These cute little binoculars, you mean?”
„The last pair he owned came with an infrared light, so he could see the stage (= the area where the performers are) and light his program to read from it. Makes me laugh just to think of it.”
„Which seats do we have tonight?”
Row 15 (= the 15th line of seats), sort of opposite the strings, so you’ll be able to watch the violins and violas.”
„Violins are beautiful, and how the musicians move the bows across the strings has something magical to it. But for the sheer pleasure of watching, I always prefer the woodwinds: the flute, the oboe, the clarinet… I might actually borrow your brother’s lorgnette to stare at them a bit!”


Put the phrases in the right order, then answer the questions. Explain your opinions.

1. is your favourite? / of instruments / Which group

2. do you like / Which seats / in the theatre / to have / or at the cinema?

often / attend concerts? / Do Poles


1. Which group of instruments is your favourite?

2. Which seats do you like to have in the theatre or at the cinema?

3. Do Poles often attend concerts?

Tę lekcję możesz pobrać również w formie wygodnego planera tygodniowego do druku!

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