Back pain

Do you work in an office?

Or home office?

Do you work at a computer?


If so, then you probably suffer from back pain ( = cierpisz na ból pleców).


Most of us do, because we have a sedentary lifestyle ( = siedzący tryb życia).


Now, before we move on, since I still have your attention, a short grammar note.


The previous sentence was: Most of us do.


If you look at the last word, “do,” it’s impossible to understand without the sentence before. When we look back, we learn that it means: “suffer from back pain”. But it would be stupid to repeat: “You probably suffer from back pain, because most of us suffer from back pain and you might suffer from back pain when you have a sedentary lifestyle – this makes you suffer from back pain.”


So, lots of “suffering from back pain”! Too much! So, to make life easier, we can replace a verb phrase – like “suffer from back pain” – with a short word like “do.”


OK, that’s it. I promise: no more grammar today :).


So, we suffer from back pain. Most of us do. Sometimes you can do stuff on your own – do some stretching exercises, or take a painkiller ( = środek przeciwbólowy). But what if they don’t help, and the pain becomes unbearable ( = nie do zniesienia)?


Well, then you have to get a physiotherapist ( = fizjoterapeuta).


I’ve had a few physiotherapists, but only now have I found a really good one, Krzysztof Zagórski So I want to share him with you, because good things should be shared. No, Krzysiek isn’t paying me for advertising. I just believe in recommending people who are exceptional ( = wyjątkowy) at their jobs. Also, I’ve had that appointment myself, and I can share my experiences with you – so that you aren’t shocked when you have yours!


So, what does an appointment at a good physiotherapist’s look like? ( = wizyta u fizjo) Well, he starts with a conversation, asking you about the symptoms ( = objawy). Where and when does it hurt, in what circumstances ( = okoliczności) – stuff like that.


Then comes the pleasant part. You lie down ( = kładziesz się). And Krzysiek, or your guy, moves your body parts around ( = części ciała), asking the same question: “Does it hurt? And now? And now? How about now?” It sounds quite sadistic. He won’t be happy until he gets a “yes” or – even better – an “ouch!”

Ta lekcja jest dostępna także jako podcast i filmik. Hura!


Then comes the less pleasant part: him trying to alleviate your pain ( = złagodzić). And apparently (najwidoczniej) the only way to do that is by giving you even more pain. I have no idea how it works – maybe the plan is to make you suffer so much that you decide your pain wasn’t so bad to begin with ( = na początku), and you happily say: “Thank you! No more pain! I don’t need any more appointments!”


And yes, driving nails ( = wbijanie gwoździ) into your body is not unheard of ( = nie jest niespotykane; jest dość częste). Yes, these are sharp nails. Yes, they do hurt. Quite a bit ;).


Then comes part three: exercises. The therapist shows you what to do, and then… well, you do it, obviously ( = oczywiście)! The exercises involve ( = używają, zawierają) stability balls ( = duże piłki fitness), resistance bands ( = gumy oporowe) and dumbbells ( = hantle). Krzysiek makes sure that you’re doing them well, so that later you can do them alone at home.

Part four is a TENS session. This is when you have electrodes with electric current ( = prąd elektryczny) put on the painful areas. Your muscles jump, and it’s a really weird feeling ( = dziwne). This is when I often take a nap ( = ucinam sobie drzemkę) – after all the previous torture, an army of obese ants ( = otyłe mrówki) marching up and down your back is just a piece of cake ( = bułka z masłem).

And then comes the last part: homework. You get a list of exercises that you have to do between the appointments. And yes, you have to do them every day.

Believe it or not, the whole thing really helps! I’ve had much less pain after a few meetings with Krzysiek, and my mobility ( = ruchomość) is unbelievable!

And you? Do you have back pain? Have you had a physiotherapist help you? Do let me know!

PS: If you’d like to have Krzysiek torture you in a very professional way, you can find him here.

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