Meet Agnieszka, who got a better job!

I know that for the past year we’ve all been depressed. Short language note: “depressed” means simply “very sad.” There is another term, about the mental disorder ( = zaburzenie psychiczne), and that’s clinically depressed. When you’re clinically depressed, you need some help. And when you’re “just” depressed – you’re just feeling down ( = czujesz się kiepsko).


So, we’re all depressed. Why? Of course, because of the never-ending pandemic. Yup, it’s pandemic, with “mic” at the end, and not “mia.” And never-ending: niekończąca się. The never-ending pandemic. Yuck ( = blechć)!

Ta lekcja jest dostępna także jako podcast i filmik. Hura!


Lots of people are losing their jobs. Lots of people are afraid to change their jobs, and stick to ( = trzymają się) jobs they hate. But I want to inspire you today and tell you the story of Angieszka, who quit her job in the middle of the pandemic. And got a much better one.


Agnieszka is a project manager. She used to work for a fintech company. Fintech = financial technology, and remember about the pronunciation: /tekˈnɒlədʒi/ – with /k/ in the middle, not the Polish “ch.” But her job was too exhausting ( = wykańczająca). She was too stressed, and she had no work-life balance whatsoever. So she quit ( = rzuciła pracę).


She was brave enough to take a leap of faith ( = skok wiary). She had no guarantee of another job. What is more, she took three months off – on purpose ( = celowo) – to relax and recharge her batteries ( = naładować bateryjki).


young woman jumping over a cliff

After the three months, full of energy and enthusiasm, she started looking for a new job. Prospective employers ( = potencjalni pracodawcy) were all impressed by her skills and experience. She was invited to a number of interviews, and successfully passed to subsequent stages  ( = kolejne etapy) of recruitment processes. But she always got stuck on the English part. She was given feedback that her English was not good enough.


She looked online for tips for job interviews, but all the answers she saw were in really sophisticated English ( = wyrafinowany), and she didn’t want to learn stuff she didn’t understand by heart ( = na pamięć).


And then she found my job interview workshop – “Rozmowa o pracę po angielsku. Odpowiedzi na najczęstsze pytania rekruterów na 3 poziomach zaawansowania.” Finally, she found what she was looking for: answers to typical job interview questions useful not only for advanced learners. She learnt that her English didn’t need to be perfect to get the job of her dreams. Agnieszka’s English WAS good enough. She just needed a hint ( = wskazówka) how to use the English she had in the job interview in English. She got that knowledge from my workshop.


A week after doing my workshop, Agnieszka had another job interview in English. This time, she used the strategies that I had taught her, and she passed with flying colours ( = przeszła z palcem w nosie). Today, almost a year later, she has the job of her dreams. She earns more than she used to, and she finally has the time for the most important things in her life: yoga classes, swimming, strength workouts, her husband and her son.

businesswoman thinking and plan business strategy

So I want to inspire you, and to give you hope. You can do it, too! What will YOU do when you get the job of your dreams?

If you are not sure about your English, and you worry about the English part of the recruitment process, I have a special gift for you. Only for the readers of my blog , I have a 10% discount code for my workshop “Rozmowa o pracę po angielsku. Odpowiedzi na najczęstsze pytania rekruterów na 3 poziomach zaawansowania.” The code is BLOG, and it’s valid only till Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021.

This workshop contains:

  • 10 questions most often asked by recruiters at a job interview in English
  • ready answers to all of them – for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners
  • 30 answers ready to use, in perfect English, consulted with recruiters
  • 10 different business areas
  • 1 hour 40 mins of solid video
  • 58 pages in pdf, full of ready-to-use phrases and sentences
  • instant access

Thanks to that, you will:

  • be able to answer questions with the English you already have
  • feel more confident at your job interview
  • have the chance to finally get the job of your dreams

Remember, the discount code for 10% off is BLOG, and it’s valid only till Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021. You’ll find more information about the workshop here:

Good luck getting the job of your dreams!

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