After work: meow!

“I’m so stressed after work!”

‘This job is killing me!”

“I’m too tired to even complain!” ( = narzekać)


Sounds familiar? ( = znajomo)


These are the complaints ( = skargi, narzekania) that many of us have. Luckily, there is an easy remedy to ( = lekarstwo na) all these problems: get a cat!


Now, I’m sure I am getting lots of hate from dog lovers right now ;). Why a cat, and not a dog? Well, there are three arguments in favour of ( = na rzecz) cats!


First of all, cats are the most beautiful feline creatures ( = kotowate stworzenia. Nie, nie kreatury) that you can imagine! The beauty of their soft fur ( = futro), the grace ( = wdzięk, gracja) of their movement, the depth ( = głębokość) of their eyes. When you see a cat, it’s impossible not to fall in love at first sight! ( = zakochać się od pierwszego wejrzenia).

Ta lekcja jest dostępna także jako podcast i filmik. Hura!

The second reason why cats are simply the best is their personality ( = osobowość). I love how independent they are. I admire their not-giving-a-fuck ( = nieprzejmowanie się) about what we think of them. I love how they feel masters of the universe ( = panami wszechświata).


But if you’re still not convinced, the last reason should swing it for you ( = przekonać cię). Cats have a great therapeutic effect (note the pronunciation – /ˌθerəˈpjuːtɪk/) on their humans. They are known to cure diseases of both the body and the mind. And they do make you feel happier – I’ve checked that myself!



So, do I have a cat? Hell no! ( = oczywiście że nie). After bringing up two kids, I am fed up with ( = mam dość) waking up at ungodly hours ( = w nieludzkich porach). So for now, I am just sponging off ( = sępię od) my friends who have cats. All the pleasure, and no responsibility. Feels so good!

And you? Are you a cat person or a dog lover? Do let me know!

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